Tennis is a sport that many people love to play. However, it can be challenging to find the right equipment and accessories for players in this game. One of the essential items in a tennis bag is the tennis bag itself. Just because you are purchasing a tennis bag does not mean that you have found the perfect one for your needs, as many factors contribute to these decisions. This article will discuss some critical aspects of tennis bags to keep in mind before choosing what works for your game.

Bag Size

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a perfect tennis bag is its design and size. The larger the bags are, the more storage space you will have for your gear. Therefore, bags used in highly competitive tournaments should be larger because they tend to have more tennis equipment and supplies. If you are likely to participate in Wimbledon or other major tournaments, it’s better to get one of those big tennis bags as well. The reason is that they hold more stuff and accessories like water bottles, clothing, tennis footwear and accessories like headbands and wristbands. In addition, a lot more giant tennis backpacks have a sturdy zipper around the top flap, which makes it easier to place your things quickly on the go. 

Player Type

There are different types of tennis bags for every sort of player. If you are a recreational player, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on tennis bags, but obviously, it would make sense to invest in a more expensive one if you are an advanced player. Most importantly, choose the right bag size and type according to your needs and preferences. For example, most professional tennis players use over-the-shoulder bags because they can carry their stuff while running around the court. However, junior players tend to use a simple backpack for tennis training.

Weight Capacity

Another significant factor to take into consideration when choosing a tennis bag is the weight capacity. Nowadays, several tennis bags of high quality have different weight capacities, which allow you to have extra space for your personal belongings and your sports equipment. Among the bags with high weight capacities that professionals usually use is Jansport, which holds up to 70 pounds. Of course, there are also smaller options with a lower weight capacity, but you might want to invest in this type of bag if you plan on carrying your tennis gear frequently.


Sports bags and various other sports bags also offer a way to store personal items and equipment while on the road. Different types of storage are available such as internal and external, among others. Internal storage is usually located inside the bag’s main compartment, while external storage is located outside the main room. Bags with zippered pockets are easier to organize your belongings in, and they are also helpful because you can quickly access your things. Next to the storage inside the bag, you can find lots of other pockets that give you all the necessary space to store and organize things.

Tips for Tennis Bag Storage

Even if you get the right tennis bag, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to store all your stuff in the bag properly. This is important because if you don’t know how to keep your items properly, even the perfect bag could be disappointing. Also, it takes some time to get used to the storage method, which is a must, significantly if you have shifted to a new bag.

1) Take out items first 

This is probably the easiest rule when carrying any tennis bag. You can always take out your things easily from the main compartment of your bag. Keeping this rule in mind, you can empty the main room, and then you find spots for all your items without worrying about which is more important to keep inside the bag.

2) Try to use smaller pockets first

If you got plenty of pockets, try to locate and store only the essentials. You don’t want to go back into your bag every time for a small item. Instead, take a look at all the small pockets and try to match them up nicely. You will be surprised to see how many small things can fit in your tennis bag. Each external pocket should be used first, then move on to the compartments.

3) Try using different storage methods

Try to put some of your more important things in your bag’s front, side, and back pockets. This is a great way to organize all the little things that are needed for your day-to-day routine. 

4) Watch out for the weight 

A bag’s weight is important to consider, as it does not do well to lug around a heavy bag during a tennis match. You can make the tennis bag easier to carry by putting lighter items in it, but you should know that you will typically find the most valuable things to be the heaviest ones. A tennis racquet is one of these items, and many other objects in the tennis bag are just as weighty.

5) Place water bottles carefully 

Locate all the water bottles apart from each other. Place them on a different side of your tennis bag, away from everything else. You should place water bottles at least 6 inches away from your tennis racquet. It’s essential to keep a buffer zone between your water bottle and racquet handle. Many players place their water bottles within reach, which directly invites bacteria build-up on their bottles and racquets.

6) Place the tennis balls in different pockets

The idea is to minimize the number of balls in contact with the same object when you open your tennis bag. When you have many balls in one place, it increases their chances of getting dirty or soaked. Based on the type of balls you use, placing them in different pockets will help you avoid mixing up other balls. 

7) Avoid clothes or shoes in the same compartment your luggage 

This is an essential tip that most people forget. It’s not always necessary to wear your tennis shoes inside the bag. Instead, try to keep them outside the tennis bag and only put them in when you have no other choice. It’s always better to take an extra pair of tennis shoes than to ruin tennis clothing. 

Types of Tennis Bags

There are different types of tennis bags for people with additional needs. For example, junior players will not use the same bag as Roger Federer uses. From the basic to an advanced bag, every type is widely available online. However, the most important thing when choosing a backpack is that it must meet your needs and preferences according to the day-to-day rituals of a tennis player. Here are some various types of tennis bags on the market today. 

Duffel Bags

Duffel bags are a type of over-the-shoulder bag with two carrying handles and a long shoulder strap. Most duffel bags have one main compartment where you can store your clothes, while other upgrades have various compartments, making it easy to organize things. Some duffel bags even come with backpack straps that give you a way to carry the bag on your back. 

Roller-Back Bags

Roller-back tennis bags are similar to duffel bags because of their size and structure, but they have little wheels on both ends. So when you need to move your bag, you can roll it and quickly get around with it. Hence, the maneuverability is relatively high.

Top-Loading Bags

Top-loading tennis bags are great for people that don’t like to search for their things at the bottom of a big bag. These bags are convenient because they have no bottom compartments and open wide to see everything inside. If necessary, you can even remove the top part of the bag to reach items at the bottom. 

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder tennis bags are trendy among professional tennis players, especially if they travel a lot. Tennis shoulder bags usually have a long strap that you can put over your shoulder, while the main compartment is on your back so that you can carry everything with you. Some of these types of bags even have small wheels on the side so that you can take them with you wherever you go without any problems.

Wand Bags

Wand bags are tennis bags made from very light materials like nylon or polyester, making them ideal for outdoor activities. These tennis bags are often very compact and therefore comfortable to carry. The main compartment of these bags is usually located on the back, so you can access it without getting too much pressure on your shoulder.

Travel Bags

Travel bags are tennis bags explicitly designed to pack and carry the things you need for your trip, regardless of whether it is a short weekend or an extended vacation. They are typically made from lightweight materials like canvas and usually come with one or two side pockets which helps you quickly find what you need during your trip. 

Tennis Tote Bags

These types of tennis bags are best suited for everyday use. They offer several compartments so you can efficiently separate your belongings into categories. In addition, these bags can be used both outdoors and indoors, making them versatile. These tennis bags are also effortless to carry because they have a shoulder strap to keep the load on your shoulder and regular handles that allow you to carry it. 

Types of Tennis Racket Bags

Racket bags are designed specifically to carry your racquets. These types of tennis bags are usually very large and sturdy and therefore take lots of equipment. Some of these bags even have wheels on the bottom to make them easier to move around. 

1) 3 pack racket bags

3 pack bags are designed for three tennis racquets. This type of bag is prevalent among tennis players since it allows them to carry their racquets without breaking them. Since these bags can hold up to 3 racquets, they usually have two more compartments for other equipment. Most top-quality 3 pack bags have a heavy-duty zipper that keeps your racquet from falling out in case anything happens during the trip.

2) 6 pack racket bags 

6 pack bags are also popular among tennis players. Usually, these bags can hold up to 6 racquets, but they are slightly smaller than the 3-pack bags. This allows them to be more compact and easier to carry around. They usually have one main compartment with a zipper that keeps your racquets safe, while other compartments provide you with ample space for tennis apparel and any other equipment you might want to use during your trip.

3) 9 pack racket bags 

9 pack bags are the biggest racket bags you can use on the tennis court. These bags are very similar to 3 and 6 pack bags, but they can hold up to 9 racquets with large head sizes. In most cases, these bags are very bulky as they have small wheels on each end to make them easier to move. They provide you with lots of space for other accessories, and most of them have a zipper compartment that keeps your racquets safe while also protecting against shocks or impacts when moving your bag around. 


To conclude, the easiest way to carry your tennis gear is to use a tennis bag. However, using a low-quality bag will only make it harder for you to organize your things and keep them safe since the equipment will most likely fall out of the bag while you’re moving around on the court. That’s why we suggest you get a good tennis bag and buy it from a reputable online store. Try not to go with cheap items because they can’t guarantee your safety in case something happens.