When it comes to tennis choosing the right tennis racquet is very important. You should have enough chemistry with the racquet that it seems an extension of your hand. Only then will you be able to perform best. However, choosing a tennis racquet is not so easy, as you have to consider various factors. But don’t worry, we are here to help you pick a tennis racquet for you, so you can showcase your skills and dominate it. 

We know how many tennis racquets are available in the market and how exhausted and indecisive they can make a person. So to help you out, this article will assist you in finding the right tennis racquet for you so that you can dominate every point, match, and set. By thoroughly reading this article, you will also save yourself from reading reviews and searching for different kinds of tennis racquets. 

Your Hitting Style.

The first and the most important thing to consider is your hitting style. Whether you are a heavy hitter or not, whether you are an intermediate or an advanced player. Tennis elbow has long been associated with racquet sports. If you are naturally a sturdy person, you will need a racquet that adds more control to your game and prevent your shots from going out of the court. You will need a noise that does not add a lot of power to your game. On the other hand, if you are a skinny person, try to look for a racquet that adds strength to your game, so you don’t end up bouncing the ball in your court.

Generally, the broader frames add more power to your game. If you have a tennis racquet with a narrow frame, you will exert more control while playing. This is why most advanced players don’t have racquets with wider rims. It is because they are potent players and don’t need that much power in their game. 

Type of Swing. 

When going to pick a racquet for yourself, think about the type of swing you have. There are three different types of swings, fast, slow, and average. You can identify your kind by asking a coach or a professional tennis player. If you have a quick swing, it’s best to go for less powerful racquets. You can go for powerful racquets if you have a slow swing type.  

Your Playing Style. 

You should be familiar with your playing style when choosing a tennis racquet. Are you an aggressive player or a defensive player? Your playing style significantly impacts your choice. If you have a bold playing style, you will want to hit the ball harder, and for that, you’ll need a powerful racquet. If you like to play defensively, you would prefer to use the ball’s pace, and so a narrow-shaped one would be a better choice for you. But don’t forget to bring your swing and body strength into consideration. Your tennis gear will decide the quality of the game you experience.

Now let’s dig deeper into the racket’s technical parts that will help you restrict the choices. 

Head Size. 

The Tennis Racket head size has a significant impact on your swing. You should know which head size is best for you. It will enhance your game. It would be best to remember that a smaller head size requires more control, while a larger head size adds more power to your game. Generally, head sizes come in between 95-110 square inches. For a beginner tennis player, it is advised to go for a larger head size. It will provide him a larger area to hit the ball with, making it more accessible. Smaller head size is for those tennis players who are confident and can easily pull off clean shots. 


Most adult tennis racquets have a length of 27 inches. You can go higher up to 29 inches, as it is the maximum length allowed in tournaments. Longer rackets will enable you to hit the ball from a little higher as they offer more reach. But a more prolonged server is also a little hard to control. It is because it has more power than a smaller one. It helps in serving, as you would be able to pull a powerful serve. Longer rackets are also beneficial for groundstrokes. However, they are hard to control, as they have additional length. The more minor racquets are easier to handle and manage, but they won’t give you extra coverage on the court. 


The weight of your racket has a significant impact on your swing and chance, your game. Thus, it should be an essential point to consider before choosing a tennis racquet. Most manufacturers make the same racquet with a range of weights to select the perfect weight. So don’t hold yourself back from asking for the same stew with a different weight. Heavy tennis rackets are those that weigh more than 320g. Heavy racquets are more powerful, but they are hard to control because of their weight. A heavy racquet will also wear the player out early. Lighter racquets weigh 310 and less. Ther are more controllable, but they are not so powerful. If you are a tennis player that likes to play doubles, you should go for lighter rackets, as you will be spending more of your time on the court. A heavyweight one is perfect for you if you play singles as it will assist you with power. 

Grip Size

Before choosing a racket, you should check for the grip size. The grip size impacts your performance as it is the only part you will be touching. If you have a grip size according to your hand, you will see a drastic improvement in your game. To find out the best grip size for you, you must try racquets with different grip sizes. 

To find the right grip size, a rule of thumb is to hold the racket as you are playing a forehand. There should be at least the width of a finger or a pencil between your palm and fingers. 

Another method to calculate your racquet’s grip size is to measure the length between the tip of your middle finger and the second line of your palm. It is recommended that you go for a racket with a smaller grip in size because you can later add your grip. These overgrips are not expensive, and you can use them if the original grip has worn out. With these overgrips, you can renew the grip of your racquet whenever you want. 


It is a little tricky topic because it comes to personal preference. Only after trying different racquets of various tennis players can you make a choice. Balance refers to the weight distribution of the racquet. Some people prefer to use heavy head racquets over serious grip. Head heavy racquets are better for groundstrokes, as they add power. Head-light racquets are generally heavier, but there are easier to control. 

Final Words

We would recommend you to buy racquets without string, also known as frame only. It is so because the line used in the stews is of low quality and is poorly attached. It is far better that you go for a frame and purchase a string separately. After this, you will have to find a professional stringer to add lines. However, this will cost you more, but you will also be able to notice the change it will bring to your game.

Also, buy at least two rackets. It will help you in unfortunate times. For instance, you are playing a crucial match, and your string snaps in the middle, what will you do? If you have your spare racquet, you will be able to perform. Don’t bother if you are thinking of borrowing it from your friend, as everyone has a racquet according to their style. You won’t be able to play with someone else’s racket. Also, to get your tennis apparel, you may visit your nearest sports store. You must also work out to play your tennis games more efficiently. If you still need some expert opinion, you must watch Maria Sharapova’s tennis games to learn about her tricks. 

How Do I Know What Size Tennis Racquet I Need?

To determine the tennis racket or tennis equipment size best for you, hold the racquet in the forehand position and see a gap like a pencil or a finger’s width. If there is, you are good to go. But if there isn’t, then the racquet is probably too small for you. You will also need tennis shoes and tennis bags for a better experience. 

What size is a standard tennis racquet?

The size of a standard adult tennis racquet is 27 inches. The height of the racket may range from 26.5 to 29 inches. Noises more significant than 29 inches are not allowed in tournaments.