Video Summary

Zack says his favorite tennis shoes for every foot type game style and injury or condition. If you’re a good old-fashioned medium or true width foot you’re gonna want something right in the middle. You don’t want a big shoe that’s flopping around that’ll let you sprain your midfoot. The style of shoe you wear on the tennis court can have a huge impact on what shoes you buy. If you’re somebody that serves and volleys a lot then you’re gonna want something a little more aerodynamic and streamlined.

Lightweight players who want as much speed as humanly possible will want lightweight shoes. If you’re someone that plays doubles primarily or a lot of pickleball the shoe choices are pretty similar. If you’re somebody with heel pain such as plantar fasciitis achilles tendonitis or bursitis you’re gonna want something with a stout and stiff heel counter. What are your favorites for that nike turbo adidas soul cord boost or lotto raptor hyper pulse 100? If you’re looking for a good shoe for a particular combination of all these different things just look at each category in whichever shoes appear in each category. The most important part of all this is finding a shoe that actually fits your size and shape foot so if you want to see how to find the best shoe click into our video above and subscribe down below.

Video: Foot Doctor Zach